E3 Repair & Services welcomes you to be part of their extended services family. When you have built a house with luxury amenities like air conditioner, fridge, washing machine to name a few, we at E3 Repair & Services will help in taking good care of these home appliances.

Even though our expert repairmen and technicians are only a call away whenever you are in distress due to your home appliances but it is always better to locate the issue and fix it well in advance rather than at the nick of time.

When you book an Annual Maintenance for Air conditioner, fridge or AMC for washing machine with E3, you are at the priority always. Not only do our experts visit your home for regular check ups to detect and prevent any faults with your machines, they also give regular guidance on how your appliance can be maintained to yield better outputs.

How is an Annual Maintenance contract for home appliances better?

  • Your machines get checked at regular intervals
  • Changes to prevent any mishaps with home appliances increases
  • Regular guidance on how to manage and use your appliance
  • Guarantee of authentic and genuine service
  • Economical way of guaranteed maintenance
  • Better performance
  • Prioritised servicing to members
  • Added services benefits for members
  • No hassle of remembering the service time
  • Increases the resale value
  • Improves the longevity

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