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E3 Washing Machine Repair & Services provides you with the detailed repairing and servicing of all leading and small brands of washing machines. There are many national and international washing machine manufactures who keep launching machines with newer and more features every year. With this constantly evolving technology, no doubt our lives have become very easy; say now you can decide with a timer, when you wish to run your machine, or you have the facility to air dry your clothes and not use any water at all. The technology associated with these latest gen washing machines are simply amazing and mind blowing. But with each development also comes in the stress of maintaining it well and keep it running for longer time.

Be it any type of washing machine, a semi-automatic, fully automatic, air drying, top loading or front loading or any types; the above stated issues can abruptly arise anytime. Our customers who are working professionals, sometimes do not even notice the issues for days which makes the washing machine repair & service more difficult, complicated and expensive.

As our washing machines service experts are well versed with all brands of machines, they can provide proper guidance on the capacity, modes of washing, ratio of clothes to water needed to wash the clothes efficiently. Every machine needs deep cleaning at regular interval to combat growth of germs and bacteria.

Prominent issues faced by washing machine repair techs:

  • Machine creates loud noises
  • Full wash cycles do not get completed
  • Draining issues, pipe clogging
  • Spin not working, clothes not getting dried
  • Water level is not maintained
  • Unable to choose washing modes
  • The machines vibrate and moves
  • Hot water or steam not working

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