Our Air Conditioner Repair Service has a very fine and talented team of repair technicians who are capable of handling any type of AC trouble and issues.

The growing pollution and global warming, has made air conditioners practically an insuperable part of our lives. As per a recent stat it is believed that in India each year approx. 7 million units of ACs are sold, comprising of various leading and small brands. These are first hand new units sold not considering the second-hand sales or used units sold. No matter which brand air conditioner you install, how much ever costly, regular servicing is a must for these to function and remain in a good condition for a considerable time period.

Most of these problems can be either eliminated or reduced drastically when the AC Unit installation is done correctly. If the installation area, the surroundings, the angle of the outlet pipe or any such thing is not as required, one or many of the above stated issues can occur frequently. Our experts will review your house and guide you aptly for proper installation, so 100% efficiency is obtained from the machine.

Besides this, regular cleaning of the AC and its filters is also a must to increase the longevity of the Air conditioner and from hygiene perspective. An unclean AC consumes more power resulting in high bills and less cooling. However, a well-maintained AC also can increase its resale value.

Some most common Air Conditioner Problems

  • The fan runs, but the compressor isn't working.
  • The air conditioner won't turn on.
  • Water is pooling around the air conditioner
  • The unit vibrate, but the fan doesn't turn on.
  • Water flows out of the AC
  • Cooling is not enough despite keeping at low temperatures

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