Issues with your Refrigerator? Book our Fridge repair services and relax.

E3 Repairs & Services is one of the trusted names when it comes to taking care of your fridge. Since over a decade, a refrigerator has become a necessity for our house. It is no longer put in the luxury item category but it is a need in every house. It is an investment that needs regular maintenance and care and it is not feasible practically to replace it so often. We offer a wide range of fridge repair services. Our technicians are well versed with all brands of refrigerator servicing and its repairs.

Above are the few issues that are the most frequently encountered by our customers. If you too are bothered by any of these or facing any other issues with your branded fridge and need someone to look into it, book our services for fridge repair right away.

E3 refrigerator repair has a very well trained and certified team of professionals who are well versed with all brands of fridges and its functioning. They, using their expertise will not only repair your fridge but also guide you on how to maintain the refrigerator better to make it long lasting.

Some of the most commonly encountered issues by our fridge repairmen:

  • Not enough cooling
  • Water found under or on the sides
  • Ice formation in the containers
  • Defrost issues
  • Clogging of drain pipes
  • Heating of the outer walls
  • Gas leakage or insufficient gas

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